Physiotherapy in Chandanagar

At Regain Ortho, our physiotherapists play an essential role in helping our patients recover from injuries, surgeries, and other medical conditions that affect their mobility and physical function. They work closely with our team of orthopedic surgeons and other medical professionals to provide comprehensive care to our patients.

Our physiotherapists assess patients’ physical abilities, design and implement individualized treatment plans, and monitor their progress to ensure optimal outcomes. They use a range of evidence-based interventions, including exercise therapy, manual therapy, electrical modalities, and education, to help patients regain strength, flexibility, and mobility. 

Stroke Care

Restore lost strength, balance, cognitive functions to ensure the best possible outcome post-stroke

Spine Care

Personalized care plans to bring back the lost physical and emotional strength

Senior Care

Better manage the physical, functional, and emotional well-being of elders

Brain Surgery

Multidisciplinary & specialized rehabilitation care for total recovery from brain surgery

Joint care

It can help you to maintain independence through improving your mobility, strength and flexibility

Cardiac rehab

It helps heart patients get back on their feet,physically and emotionally,through exercise, education,and support.

Muscle pain

Physiotherapists assist you with stretches that are likely to be helpful for your injury.

Orthopedic care

Primarily focus on all orthopaedic conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system,which are composed of joints,muscles,bones,ligaments and tendons.